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Vampire Survivors:

Free Update v1.10 Laborratory


My fave shut up and relax game is Vampire Survivors. I can just shut off my brain and just enjoy my eyeballs being blow away by an insane array of bright colors and information overload. All too often the game ends with the screen just awash in bright flashing lights and near painful amounts of bright pixel explosions.


I love it.

I don’t really know why, but I do. I’ve played every level, every character and downloaded and bought every dlc. Free or paid, I love and need it. Well, now Vampire Survivors is giving out another free updates that includes more goodies.

Check out the trailer below:


I remember playing the hell out of it on my old cellphone and then I got it on my XBOX and omg have I sunk in an insane amount of hours.


Get it here.



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