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You can do it buddy!

Is it worth your time?



What should I play it on?

1001 Attempts is a universal app for iOS 4.3 or later.  The game worked great on my iPhone and iPad, but as always I prefer gaming on the larger screen.


What did you think without spoiling it?

Just buy this!

1001 Attempts in brilliantly simple and addictive.  All you have to do is rack up as many points as you can before you die.  That’s it.  You play as an adorable blob that just needs to jump and move to get hearts.  As the game goes on more hazards start appearing and the danger ramps up.  Survive and score, is all you need to do. You think 1001 Attempts would get repetitive and grow stale,  but it’s done very well. The music is great, the gameplay is so addicting that you just find yourself dying and replaying this over and over again when you have a minute to spare.

1001 Attempts Gameplay

I can make that!

How does it play?

Great!  The controls for 1001 Attempts work well. I wish there were some customization options for moving and shrinking the directional keys a bit.  Overall, it works very well.  The music is really fun and fast paced, the sound effects are fun and the graphics are simple but good.


Why it works:

Simple and fun without any unneeded fluff.  The gameplay is addictive enough, but with the catchy music you are just sucked right in.  I find myself getting more and more daring as the game goes on thanks to the super responsive controls.  I end up taking more chances, moving even faster until it leads to my inevitable demise.  It just works.  1001 Attempts would be right at home at an arcade, but it’s just as awesome on the iPad.



No like?

Nothing.  The game is pretty much perfect for what it is.


Basic Info:

  • 1 player game.
  • .99 cents
  • 6.4 MB
  • Tons of replay




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