Welcome to the very first Nardio Interesting Interview!  Pretty often I find myself wanting to know more, about everything, I’m an asker.  Thankfully after sending out tons of interview requests we started to get back some responses.  Our first Interesting Interview comes from the fine folk who brought us the amazing Mikey Shorts!  If you haven’t already go buy it.  If you’re nervous read our review first, then go buy it!



Can you please introduce yourselves?

Mike Meade, Creative Director, BeaverTap Games
Mike Gaughen, Technical Director, BeaverTap Games

What inspired the name BeaverTap Games?
We wanted to use an animal and a verb. Mike Gaughen went to Oregon State University and their mascot is a beaver.

Was it really just the two of you who made this game?
Yes, but we had family and friends help test things along the way.

What inspired you to finally stop dreaming about it and jump into the gaming industry?
Mike Gaughen got a book on iOS programming and asked if Mike Meade would be interested on making some art.

Do both of you have backgrounds in game design?
Neither of us have made a game before.

How did the idea of Mikey Shorts come about?
We wanted to make a platformer where you could compete against other players for the fastest time.

How long did it take to create Mikey Shorts?
Over a year and a half of work in our spare time.

What games and movies helped inspire you to create the world of Mikey Shorts?
Hook Champ, Super QuickHook, Mos Speedrun, and League of Evil.

As a company that makes App games can you tell us some of the challenges you might face as opposed to more traditional console/ PC gaming company?
Not sure. Neither of us have developed a console/PC game.

How does it feel to have made a hit game?
We appreciate the support from everybody that has enjoyed playing Mikey Shorts.

Why did you decide to keep the game light hearted?
We wanted people of all ages to be able to play.

What has your teamed learned from making Mikey Shorts?
Making a game for a wide audience takes extra time and energy.

How did the idea of different costumes come about?
The hats in Hook Champ are a lot of fun to play with. Different costume combinations are very entertaining.

What is the process of designing a level that is not only challenging, but can be completed in a speed run?
Hard to describe.

Why have you avoided in-app purchases?

We didn’t want IAP to interfere with the gameplay experience.

How does it feel to have made the game that people see as the high bar in quality app gaming?
We’re very happy that people are enjoying the game.

What apps do you enjoy playing?
Hook Champ, Super QuickHook, Mos Speedrun, and League of Evil.

What else does the staff play/ do for fun when not making a hit game?
Play iOS games and rock climbing.

What App companies do you look to as an example?
Rocketcat Games. They concentrate on gameplay first and foremost.

At what point did you feel the game was ready to be sold?
When we finished and submitted to Apple. 😉

Can you see Mikey Shorts turning into a franchise? Mikey Shorts cartoon, web comic, toys?
Sure! Mikey Shorts action figures!

What is the pressure like working on additional content knowing how successful and loved Mikey Shorts is now?  Not too much pressure. We feel the game is already in a nice package as it is, so additional content is just a bonus.

Can you tell us a little more about what we could be expecting with the next content update?
More Challenge Mode levels and more disguises.

Could there ever be WiFi or online multiplayer in Mikey Shorts?
Nothing planned, but that sounds cool.

Anything else you would like to share with us about Mikey Shorts?
Thanks for playing!

BeaverTap Games


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BeaverTap Games


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