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This sexy beast of a game is something I discovered at the last Playcrafting NYC event. DreamSail Games knocked it out of the park with this super polished, arena deathmatch game. It bleeds style, fun and replay. Blade Ballet has several interactive arenas, power ups, a good choice of bots with individual powers and weaknesses and the promise of more content. Blade Ballet is a wonderful looking local multiplayer take on robot wars. I love me some multiplayer and I really love me some robots fighting, so this game is right up my alley.

Blade Ballet gameplay

I really liked how the bots had different strengths and weaknesses. I also loved the way they implented different hazards into the interactive environments. This game was the winner, in my mind, of best looking game of the night. I’m not joking. My jaw dropped and I wanted to know more. I spoke with the team afterward and we are going to set up an interview soon so stay tuned!



Blade Ballet Gameplay 2

Power ups!

Check out some up close gameplay.

Check out the links below to learn more about DreamSail Games:


Dreamsail Games Website

Dreamsail Twitter



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