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Dead Cells: The Bad Seed

I’ve been a reluctant fan of Dead Cells since I bought it on my Nintendo Switch about a year or so ago. At first I was really frustrated by it. The Switch port was laggy and buggy. The game screamed unfinished and unpolished. Heck, I still don’t think the game feels finished. That said, man, did I get addicted to it. I must have spent well over one or two hundred hours playing that damn flawed mess of a game.

It has been patched over time to tighten up the gameplay and add some new areas, and I still find myself lost in it. So much so that I’ve uninstalled the game several times so that I could be a somewhat productive human being.

Well, Dead Cells has released its first paid DLC today and damn, there goes my productivity.

Dead Cells: The Bad Seed Steam description is below:

Explore a relaxing Arboretum, wade through a noxious Swamp and take on a new boss in this new early game content designed to expand the Dead Cells universe and add variety to runs for people who want to support the development of the game.

Harvest a few souls with your new scythe.

So you’ll be able to play through:

  • The Arboretum: A relaxing and peaceful greenhouse inhabited by a peaceful clan of mushrooms, with an understandable desire to murder the Beheaded.
  • The Swamp: A noxious environment ruled by a band of tree dwelling mutants with pointy sticks, sneaky dart shooting frogmen, and a bunch of deadly bloodsuckers.
  • The Heart of the Swamp: Domain of mama tick. If you’ve seen StarShip Troopers, you get the idea…

The two new levels and their monsters are alternatives to The Courtyard/Toxic Sewers and The Ramparts/Ossuary/Ancient Sewers, with the boss designed to be on par with The Concierge, so hopefully it’ll spice up your early game runs once you’ve played through the core game.

Take on these nasty biting blighters.

Now, $5.00 for two levels and a boss might seem like a bit much if you don’t understand game development. I mean, hey, you can get full games for $5.00 and less. Yes, that is true, but level design, Q&A, and sound design takes time. Lots and lots of time. Fitting that into an already established game and making sure it doesn’t break everything, well, that takes even more time.

I think the cost is honestly a bit too low, but these are the times we live in. Hopefully, enough of the fanbase buys the DLC to support the talented development team. Motion Twin did a great job with Dead Cells so far. I look forward to buying this later and losing a lot of hours to it.


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