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Cat and SkunksI might be a bit worried about my cat cavorting with skunks, after all he could get sprayed if he ends up a little too frisky, but the photo ops are just priceless. I mean, they don’t really even have to do anything aside from lay around and be themselves. I’m not really sure how interested the cat is in the skunks. He seems to enjoy watching them more and the skunks seem happy enough playing amongst themselves. Is this how Pepe le Pew started off loving cats?

Jasmine Greene

Jasmine Greene has been a freelance writer for over four years with experience in video game, book and movie reviews. She lives in Manhattan. Nardio is her second of hopefully many (successful) web ventures. When she is not working as an executive assistant or at Nardio, Jasmine volunteers at Kitty Kind so that she can get her crazy cat lady on.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Were the babies abandoned by their mom? What happened to them?

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