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Is Don’t Eat People Worth Your Time?



What Should I Play Don’t Eat People On?

Don’t Eat People is a universal app for iOS 6.0 and Android. You get the same great experience on all devices.  This is one of those rare gems that is installed on my iPhone and iPad.  Don’t Eat People is perfect for any device.


What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?

It's ok to eat those.

It’s ok to eat those.

Sometimes you just want a simple game. Don’t Eat people is just that.  This is a fun game about feeding cows to fun looking monsters. The tricky part is all of the people who want to follow the cows into the monster’s stomach.

Don’t Eat People has you trying your best not to eat the people. Don’t worry parents It’s not gory at all, just a fun, light-hearted game that’s perfect for gamers of all ages.

The objective of Don’t Eat People is simple: beat your previous score.  Thanks to the addictive and simple gameplay, along with really catchy music, Don’t Eat People has what it takes to be on your phone or tablet.  Best of all Don’t eat People is free! No in app purchases or up front cost at all.  To support themselves the Developer has placed small. non-intrusive ads on the bottom of the page.  

 There is no reason why you shouldn’t have Don’t Eat People on all your devices.



How it Plays and Why it Works:



 Simple and addictive one tap controls.

Wonderful fluid and interesting art.

Great catchy music.


Don’t eat people is a great game for kids, a good time killer, and an amazingly addictive for people obsessed with fast high score games. Personally, I love Don’t Eat People for my train rides around the city, or just when hanging out under a tree at Washington Square Park.

  Just download this. 


No Like?

Nothing.  This is a fast fun game that just meant to beat your own high score and does a wonderful job all around. 

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Basic Info:

  • Free on iOS
  • Coming soon to Android
  • 48.9  MB
  • Universal app
  • Non intrusive Ads



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