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Gunslugs epicness

Is it Worth Your Time?



What Should I Play it On?

Gunslugs is a universal app iOS 4.3 and later.  Honestly, I can’t imagine wanting to play this on a smaller screen than an iPad.  There is just too much chaos going on to try and play this on a small phone screen.


What Did You Think Without Spoiling it?

Gunslugs Boss fight

Epic Boss Fights

Gunslugs is a new classic side-scrolling arcade shooter in your hands. It’s just fun. Seriously, watch the video below, and just get it. It controls perfectly, it’s tough but doable, fun though frustratingly unforgiving at times. Every time I fail I feel like I owe OrangePixel a quarter. There is tons to do in Gunslugs and lots of easter eggs to find. All the while you’ll be smiling in appreciation. For a game about shooting it has a ton of humor. It’s never too over the top and not graphic at all.  If your idea of fun growing up was pouring quarters in an arcade machine, you need this app.  For $1.99 this is a steal.


How Does it Play?

Great!  No lag, great music, art, level design.  There are a good variety of weapons and characters to unlock and play with.  The stages all feel unique, and the hidden mini stages/games just add tons of replay to an already addicting experience.  You can even play with two players here! My favorite thing about Gunslugs is the random level generation.  You never have to play the same game twice.

The action can get too hectic at times so don’t be afraid to run backwards and let them come to you instead of just running and gunning in there.  With all the craziness going on I just can’t enjoy this as much on my iPhone as I do with my iPad.  I am better able to see the projectiles and exploding items on a larger screen.


Gunslugs Bonus Level

Gunslugs Bonus Level


No Like?

Nothing.  This is just a great game that takes up a good lot of my free time and keeps a smile on my face



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