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Marvel Rivals


Disney is pushing Marvel into the team first person shooter world… Yea, I just wrote that. Marvel Rivals looks like an Overwatch ripoff with Marvel characters. Sure, Overwatch is also a ripoff of Team Fortress and lots of other things, but now we have a new player in the copycat shooter arena the evil Disney.

Check out the trailer below:

Introducing Marvel Rivals, the premier Super Hero Team-based PVP Shooter! Assemble your favorite Marvel characters and engage in 6v6 battles, utilizing brand-new Team-Up Skills in destructible locations from across the Marvel Multiverse! The Closed Alpha test is coming this May!


……. I have feelings.


Honestly, it looks great. The gameplay reminds me of Overwatch before it went to shit but with a newer coat of paint. The Marvel characters look pretty good.

Well besides the hulk. He seems kind stupid to me here, but hey, there is time to fix things. Also, Doc Strange takes up to much of the screen…. But, besides that, it looks great. Marvel heroes shooting and attack each other for no reason is actually cannon. This universe never stops to talk things out. Never.

My big problem, besides my disgust with Disney and Marvel these days is the audio. It sounds like they picked the absolute worst voice actors for the character. No one sounds right.

Anywho, I’m excited too see a new team shooter game coming out soon. Sure, I hate the company behind it, but I’d love a new Overwatch like game for the community who still likes it since Blizzard seems hellbent on killing that game.

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