The Nardio IOS app review (iPad 2)
By Bernardo Español

Mikey Shorts title screen

Is it worth your time?

(Developer interview here!!!)

What should I play it on?

Mikey Shorts is a universal app available for all three iOS devises and works flawlessly on all. As always I prefer to play on my iPad 2.


What did you think without spoiling it?

Just buy it.

Mikey Shorts is amazing! It’s a fun 2D platformer that also encourages speedrunning the levels. Don’t worry about the bad guys or dying. There is no death in this world. If you miss a jump and fall, you just port back to where you jumped from and try again. It has an in game store that you use in game currency to purchase hilarious outfits. You also get free costume parts just for completing achievements. This game was designed for replay.

Mikey Shorts is the next big thing for the iOS app store and it has NO in app purchases!

How does it play?

Perfect. And just in case these perfect controls don’t quite fit your hands, you can even move them around to what fits you best. The game is simple and intuitive. The controls are spot on. There is no lag, the music is great and the graphics never let you down.

Mikey Shorts Controls

Why it works:

Mikey Shorts is simple to enough for a child to play but its challenging enough for grownups to spend hours trying to master. There are two modes in the game: Story and Challenge. Story is, well for the story. The replay here is getting all the coins, getting the fastest speed and finding all of the hidden Golden Shorts. Getting three star speedruns are tough. Like really tough. Thankfully the developer thought to add a shadow function. What that does is add a ghost version of you previously playing the level so you can race yourself. It really helps you learn what you are doing right, motivates you to try and beat yourself.
Mikey Shorts is cute and the art design is all about fun and not taking itself too seriously. With all the unlockable outfits that you are able to mix and match its fun replaying level just so you can see yourself win the newest outfit.
The ending for Mikey Shorts is a little abrupt but hints at a much larger story. This has me very happy to know my .99 cent investment is far from over. In the mean time I still need to finish beating the challenges and earning all of the stars. This game will keep me busy for a long time. Even after I three star everything I still see myself going back to play it some more. It’s just classic fun.

Mikey Shorts lava level

No like?

It’s pretty perfect. I’m serious. This game has blown my mind. Just buy it and support this new game studio.


Basic Info:

• Price: .99 Cents!!
• Worth: As of right now $2.00
• Continuing developer support
• 72 levels across two game modes
• 6 unique environments
• Speedruns!
• Universal App.
• New content coming soon!
• Achievements
• 1 player
• For people who love speed runs.
• Kid Friendly
• An insane amount of replay value.

Web Links and more pics:

Mikey Shorts Cave level


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