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Pariah Nexus

Pariah Nexus



A new trailer just dropped for the next Warhammer + animation titled Pariah Nexus. So far the new trailer looks like a continuation of the Warhammer 9th Edition trailer that came out three years ago. So, let’s first revisit the Warhammer 9th edition trailer.


Christ that was awesome. It’s part of the reason why I got into Warhammer 40K. Well, that and my awesome cosplay interview with a certain amazing Ultramarine cosplayer at Otakon. Anywho, I loved the epicness of the story told and teased but I always wanted more. Sadly, Warhammer + failed to deliver the more.

As is, the service had a few good shows but nothing that matched the epicness of the Warhammer 40K 9th edition trailer. Hopefully, hopefully Pariah Nexus gives us the awesomeness that has so far been undelivered with Warhammer + and a worthy followup to the original Warhammer 40K 9th edition trailer.


Pariah Nexus


I’d love to be excited. I want to be excited, I just can’t. Warhammer Plus just barely. Barrrrrrrely justifies itself. Some of the shows are good. Most are half-assed almost good messes. Even worse, when something good does pop up the show is painfully short and stretched out over months. MONTHS. I’m not talking consistently either. I mean an episode or two this month, maybe nothing else for two other month, and then another. It’s a fucking mess.


So, Pariah Nexus…….

I’m not going to watch it at launch. I’m going to wait until the show, hopefully it’s a show not just some one shot. Anywho, hopefully the show finishes and hopefully I don’t get hit with the ten thousand spoilers on YouTube and twitter that Games Workshop allows to stay up.


I hope it’s good.

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