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Spend money to spend more money. Move around and spend more money. Or wait 12 hours.>>>>Delete.

Spend money to spend more money. Move around and spend more money. Or wait 12 hours.>>>>Delete.

Is ShadowSlayer worth your time?

Not unless you are either willing to wait long periods of time to do things or are willing to spends lots of real money.


What should I play it on?

ShadowSlayer is a universal app for iOS 5.0 and later.


What did you think without spoiling it?

ShadowSlaywer : Dawn of the Lightforge is the bad kind of Freemium game. It’s a decent, but simple town building role playing game trapped mercilessly behind a pay wall. What’s worse, the lack of proper instructions in game make it all too easy to accidentally use crystals. With pay or wait game play that never justifies the price or the wait, I say avoid ShadowSlawyer at all costs.


Wooo! I can wait for things!

Wooo! I can wait for things!

How it plays and why it fails:

ShadowSlayer is a pay-to-play game  that never feels worth it.

My introduction to the game was one of an overly simple and fast experience defeating some evil beings. It was fun, but it was just an in-game dream. Once I actually start the game, I’m immediately met with the pay wall. I checked my bag space and I am prompted to spend 100 crystals for more bag space. Usually this is where you are taken to a store to can see how much the game currency will cost in real money. Except not here. I was immediately greeted with a prompt telling me I purchased the bag space. Weird, but cool I guessed. Moving on I started my first quest, building some sort of structure in game.  After a few clicks I do so and then I’m told to speed up the process with 100 gems. I clicked OK, but was told I didn’t have enough. So I had to wait an hour.  I could do nothing else in this game for an hour unless I bought the gems.After the wait, I was greeted with more quests that either asked me to wait or spend gems. The ShadowSlayer always prompts you to spend the gems.

I'm sorry. I fell asleep while waiting... Where were we?

I’m sorry. I fell asleep while waiting… Where were we?

By the time I got to my first quest I had put my iPad down about four  times to wait things out. The payoff? A super quick linear tap and kill event. It was not worth the wait at all. I am so glad I didn’t decide to buy in to speed things up. After spending a few more hours with the game I decided ShadowSlayer isn’t for me. While the art may be great the interface, unfortunately, is confusing. Again, the biggest problem is ShadowSlayer’s boring gameplay. There is no other way to say it’s never worth the wait. I see no reason to waste anymore time trying to play this. Nothing pulls me in. The characters are bland and the writing is pretty stiff. Even if I were very rich and had the money to throw away, this game just doesn’t deserve it.

There are better Freemium RPG games of the iOS. I recommend Fantasy Adventure. While it doesn’t have town building, it is a much better RPG that keeps players on their toes and never ever asks to pay or wait.  Read our glowing review of Fantasy Adventure here!




Basic Info:

  • Free
  • 94.5 MB
  • Universal App


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