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Is Swipe Me Out! worth your time?

Almost. I enjoyed Swipe Me Out right until I got to the fireball hazards. Those are broken.  If this game gets a patch to fix the fireballs, this will be amazing. Until then, no.



What should I play Swipe Me Out! on?

If the dev fixes the fireball hazards it would play perfectly on any device.

The game breaking part.

The game breaking part.

How it Plays and Why it Fails:

 I loved, loved, loved Swipe Me Out! Until I got to the fireball hazards…

Swipe Me Out! is a deliciously simple and fun game. All you do is move your character out of  dangerous rooms by swiping in the direction of the open door. With four possible directions to choose from it seems simple enough.  Unfortunately for you there is always lava hot on your trail. This gives you only seconds to move. On top of that, the safe exit is not immediately shown. In every room with multiple doors you need to wait a second or two as the lava gets closer and closer for the “right” door to open.  When you aren’t waiting for different doors to appear you are also dealing with various hazards. You need to time your movements just right to get out. It’s a fun twist, but a twist that wasn’t done right. The rooms are great until you have to deal with rooms that have fireball hazards. Those are what break Swipe Me Out.

The fireballs are too close together and it seems they come in different combinations. You only realize the path  between them after you are dead. It’s game breaking.  A simple patch can fix this, so I am hopeful the game can be saved, but as is it’s a fun game until the brick wall.
Swipe Me Out’s art is great. I love the unlockable characters. I love how the game doesn’t get gruesome with its death. It seems pretty light hearted for a game about dying over and over again. That’s great.  The music is fun to.

I’d love to be able to recommend this game, but I just can’t right now.


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If the fireballs weren't an issue I'd have no problem with the in-app purchases at all.

If the fireballs weren’t an issue I’d have no problem with the in-app purchases at all.

Basic Info:

  • Free with ads
  • 104 MB
  • Universal app
  • In-App Purchases




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