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The Adventures Zone Edward and Lydia Couple Cosplay At AnimeNext


OK, before we start, I didn’t know anything about these two characters before I shot these two remarkable people. The humans behind the cosplay are an adorable couple that gives me the smiles every time I see them. Well, said humans, Katie and James, if you want me to refer to them respectfully, wanted me to get pictures of them when they arrived at AnimeNext, and I wanted to get couple shots of em. Well, they showed up in these hella crazy bright outfits, which I adored, and we started shooting.

Well, about 20 minutes in, they revealed to me that they weren’t couple cosplaying a couple, but actually siblings. Which then caused me to grown out of embarrassment and amusement. That last few minutes worth of photos was not how siblings should pose. Don’t worry, it wasn’t spicy, just lovey-dovey.

After a collective laugh, we took a bunch more pictures and had more fun. Anywho, enjoy one of my fave pics from the set below:

TAZ Edward and Lydia Couple Cosplay


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