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The Cardboard Blacksmith Interview


Meet the Cardboard Blacksmith, also known as Floyd.

This awesome guy tries his best to make his cosplays out of cardboard. I gotta say, he does a pretty great job of it. During last year’s Otakon, I ran into him doing a Alex Louis Armstrong cosplay from Fullmetal Alchemist and I loved it. We were also lucky enough to photograph his armored Tuxedo Mask cosplay.

I begged for shots and an interview and thankfully he said yes. Check out our mist cosplay from #FullMetalAlchemist at #Otakon I found myself laughing out of joy. I immediately knew I needed to interview and photograph him. It wasn’t until after the interview that Jas told me she shot him in an #SailorMoon Armored Tuxedo Mask cosplay earlier! Floyd was a joy to shoot and get to know in our interview. Be sure to check him out on Instagram at the link below:



Loyd, thanks so much for sharing part of your Otakon with us. We loved meeting and getting to know you, as well as taking pics of your magnificent work. As always, we need to thank the wonderful Otakon staff for making such a wonderful event possible. Be sure to follow The Cardboard Blacksmith as well as Otakon at the links below:



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