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This is how the DC universe finally and deservedly dies.

Listen to director and writer James GunN talk about his plan for the DC universe. You might want to grab a drink, I don’t know why but It doesn’t fill me with hope.


There is so much wrong for me here. The art used as examples for one was really, really bad.

Why did they choose to use the very fucking worst drawing of superman possible? I cannot fathom who would be excited for any upcoming superman project with that horrible drawing. This leads to my second problem. I’ve NEVER been a fan of Grant Morrison’s art or stories, so having them shown front and center of examples of what we are getting doesn’t fill me with confidence.

Maybe it’s me being wary of some overhyped (IMO) Hollywood person with overly white teeth trying to pretend to be my friend and care about the stories I care about, but this just came off as fake as a 7 dollar bill.

While it’s nice to hear that they are going to be making a clear cut case for what is in this new DC shared universe and what isn’t, what was show here today seemed like a rushed mishmash. This wasn’t coherent but instead felt like something that he was forced to read.

Maybe I seem jaded here but after watching, reading and experiencing various DC duds and feeling let down time and time again, seeing Gunn, a director that has always been overvalued in my opinion as the leader of this new era, well, I don’t have hope. I am fill with a sense of finality of something I once loved is about to die.

Goodbye DC.









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