The Nardio Review

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Is It Worth Your Time?

Yes.  Oh god, yes.  If you are a fan of great story telling, consistent great comic art and a realistic take on what would happen if Zombies ever ravaged our world this is it.


What Did you Think Without Spoiling It?

Buy this.

This has got to be the best use of Zombies ever.  In any medium. The walking dead is an experience that must be had by anyone into anything remotely Zombie.  If you’re an adult that got bored of the commercial comics you need to read The Walking Dead.  If you read horror and drama for fun you need to read this.  If you’re looking for an amazing read during a week without power you need to read this.


Why it Works

It’s like watching a horror movie that’s full of people with common sense.  Then add in the crazy that is everyday life and the crazy people we have to deal with, mix well, don’t worry about keeping anyone alive and bam, the zombie movie of your dreams… That will give you nightmares. This is just smart writing.  You care about these people.  You will root for them.  And you will feel their pain.  That last part is what really won me over when reading this. Every couple of pages I’d make a sound like I was just punched in the gut and Jasmine would ask me why I kept reading.  “It’s so good, but so harsh” was my reply every single time. What has been written in this compendium will affect you.  It did me.  This was an experience that no other comic has ever given me.  No other book. No other movie.  This was epic.

I wholeheartedly recommend this for any person raised on comics who misses the genre and wants something for the mature adult.  If you are a fan of the show you owe it to yourself to see the world the way it was intended to be experienced.  There is nudity and very graphic violence but it is never gratuitous.  The characters aren’t drawn to resemble porn stars or roman statues.  This is a depiction of realism fighting the impossible while always keeping on a track on what is right and wrong, and most importantly, why.  The people in this book live this.  They carry the weight of their actions on every single page.

This book has the most jarring ending I have ever experienced. Not more than five minutes after I finished this, The Walking Dead Compendium 2 was being overnighted to me via Amazon.  Yes I wanted another thousand plus pages of this world that bad that fast.


No Like?

One thousand and eight-eight pages never felt so short. When is The Walking Dead Compendium 3 coming out?


Basic Info

  • Author: Robert Kirkman
  • Price $33.99 paperback (greatest deal ever)
  • Genre: Horror Thriller
  • Pages: 1088


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  1. November 27, 2012

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