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Is it worth your time?


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What should I play it on?

Time Surfer is available on the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone iOS 4.3 and later. You get the same great experience with all devices. As always, I prefer gaming on my iPad.


What did you think without spoiling it?

Time Surfer Instructions

I heart the car costume!!!

It’s a game about….

Time + Surfing

and the

End of the Universe

Time Surfer is a fun on-again-off-again app that eats up 1-10 minutes of your time throughout your day.  I’ve gotten all the costumes I wanted already and just keep coming back because it’s a very satisfying distraction. Time Surfer’s gameplay is very similar to Tiny Wings for its endless hill riding mechanic. What’s new here?  The ability to rewind time to survive longer and correct your mistakes for one.  There are also obstacles in place now that you need to pass/use to move forward and complete missions.  Time rewind is essential here for getting past some tricky areas.  The course is completely randomly generated which adds an extra fun bit and spice to the game.

It has in-app purchases but you don’t need them at all.  This isn’t pay to play, the IAP’s are there if you just want to hurry up and get those awesome costumes ASAP. The game never pushes you to buy anything, nor punishes you for not buying.


How does it play?

Time Surfer Fun

Off hunting cake slices!!!

Time Surfer’s controls are spot on.  The only two buttons do their job perfectly. The music and art seriously make me giggle and add to my addiction.  My first goal was to get the Mikey Shorts costume and then it was the future assassin.  The currency in this game can be tough to get but its totally doable.  Personally I like Time Surfer more than Tiny Wings.  It feels a lot more forgiving and the absolute random nature of the levels make the game play a lot more fun.  There is a end of the world mechanic that kills you if you are going too slow later on. I don’t quite understand it nor like it very much, but I guess it’s great to make sure you are always going fast. I do find myself getting nervous when it’s sneaking up on me.

There are in game goals in Time Surfer to try and beat that reward you with generous amounts of in-game currency.  They range from easy, to very hard.  More than good enough to keep you coming back for more.


Why it works:

Pretty much everything I wrote above without any glitches to ruin the fun.  I would love to see a two player mode added so I can play with my friends on the same iPad. Besides that the Time Surfer is perfect.  The game has pets you can rent with in-game currency, fun costumes and even flair for your character.  If you want an insane challenge there is always the “Hell Zone” mode to try.  Don’t expect to get too far, it’s just fun distraction in the game. The best part with Hell Zone in Time Surfer is that it’s unlocked from the start. Get ready to die…. A lot.  Think of it like the Dark Souls of iPad Surfing

  This app is totally worth the .99 cent admission fee.

Time Surfer Hell ZONE

Are you up for the Time Surfer challenge?

Basic Info:

  • Price: $.99 on the Apple App Store!
  • 20.9 MB
  • 1 player game.
  • Great replay value.
  • Universal App
  • iCloud Support


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