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TKettle Storefront


Is it worth your time?


Tkettle Food

What is so good about it?

Good bubble tea and decent food at a decent price.

Bubble Tea and Seaweed Salad

What makes this place so good?

It’s a Taiwanese Bubble tea/restaurant that gets both for the most part right. For the past few months I have been going here when whenever I’m in the area meeting up with friends or just wanting some sweet goodness.  The staff are all very nice and make some ok food.  The bubble tea is good, but the food can be hit or miss.  it’s just decent food to eat when you want some bubble tea while chatting with friends.  Really, I just come here for the bubble tea if I’m already in the East Village.


Try the hazelnut.

What to get


If you’re going for the first time I say get the pick 3 for $8.88 Special.  I recommend the: Basil Popcorn Chicken, Sweet Potato fries, & Taiwanese Calamari.  I also really like the braised pork rice.  So far it’s never done me wrong and goes great with whatever tea I’m ordering that day.


No like?

The dumplings & the scallion pancakes suck.  Just avoid them.  Sometimes you need to flag down your waitress when you want some refills or just to pay your bill.  But they are all really, nice so I don’t mind that much.


Basic Info:

  • Price: For the East Village the price is good.
  • This is a great place to meet up with friends.
  • The music isn’t loud
  • Free tap water!
  • Waitresses are always nice
  • No Booze
  • 26 Saint Marks Place – NY, NY 10003
  • (212) 982-9782

Map and pics below:

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Tkettle 3 for $8.88

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