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New Star Cafe Storefront

New Star Cafe Storefront


Is it worth your time?



What is so good about it?

The absolute best hot coffee in Manhattan.


What makes this place so good?

For the past few years I have been going there the coffee quality has never dipped. Sure I’ve cheated and went to other places, but I just keep finding myself coming back. The New Star Cafe is always great. They have a great sandwich section, fresh bagels in the morning, a huge lunch buffet and a fruit buffet that rocks in the AM. There’s even a clean seating area upstairs, which is great for meeting up with friends over great coffee and food. The staff are all very professional and do their jobs while holding full conversations which each other and the customers without missing a beat. There’s no long lines or bad treatment for you here! It’s one of the few places in Manhattan that actually appreciate your patronage. It shows with every single cup.

Confession…I haven’t tried the Iced coffee…I’m scared.  I’m already too addicted to the hot stuff. If the iced is as good as the hot I might suffer from caffeine poisoning…yummy, happy, caffeine poisoning…


Try the hazelnut.

How to get the coffee:

On Fashion Avenue between 39th and 40th. You walk in and stay to your left…Don’t be distracted by the buffet of fresh fruits to your right or the open refrigerator with other non coffee beverages to your left. Stay the course.  Then you will see it. The nirvana of self serve coffee. With a big bucket of sugar, and all the milks you could ever want to pour. You just need to pour your coffee, make a right and head back out…Just don’t forget to pay first!


No like?

It’s more than a block away from my office.


Basic Info:

  • Price: 1.75 for the large.  You want the large.  Buy the large.
  • Worth: Priced perfectly.
  • 1 or 2 people can share this…. before you tell them to go buy their own large.
  • You can write on the white cup
  • Refill with tap water value!.
  • Can be sipped slowly to be appreciated  or downed fast to help with the mornings.
  • Office meeting friendly
  • They cater!
  • 552 Fashion Avenue, New York, NY
  • (212) 719-2680

Map and pics below:

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New Star Cafe Buffet lunch

New Star Cafe cookie

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