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Now they came for Scooby Do.

Behold the new HbO MaX show Velma:

Look at all the shit in this shitty trailer fucking up an old classic. I can understand updating it, but damn HBO MAX made a shit show with Velma and it was just a teaser. Everything about HBO Max’s Velma is shitty, especially the voice acting.

I knew that Mindy Kaling was a painfully bad actress and painful to listen to but the shit she pushed out with Velma makes me dislike her even more. Fuck this show is ugly, badly written, and already grates on my ears. How is Mindy Kaling’s voice that fucking lifeless, flat and still horrible for my ears?!?!?!?!?!? Is it too late to cancel Velma?

Thanks for giving me another reason NOT to watch HBO max.

Velma Creators insulting fans

The one thing that fits is having her type out a message showing how hard the creators of the HBO Max’s Velma are going to trigger the audience. The entire first part of the teaser trailer was one big middle finger to anyone who would dare call bullshit on Velma. Having her write a cringe fan reaction was just insane.

Well, HBO Max challenge accepted. Fuck every single one of you who had a hand in this shit Velma trailer.



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