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We got a little silly


This episode was supposed to just be a quick Warhammer 40K Fireteam Battle Report. I was sure that this game of Warhammer 40K Fireteam wouldn’t last more than 20 minutes. In fact, I was sure that this game of Warhammer 40K Fireteam was going to be at most 17 minutes. Jasmine and I are REALLY good at killing each other with the Tau.

Then we got silly and well, it ran a little long but this is by far my new face Warhammer 40K Fireteam Battle Report yet. I hope you enjoy it.

Side note. I released this on Monday instead of the usual Fireteam Friday. While I love, love, love the way Warhammer 40K Fireteam Friday sounds, It just wasn’t getting many views. So let’s see what works. I’m also going to do a community poll on YouTube soon so stay tuned for that if you want to give feedback.

Thanks for watching!


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