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Yoshikage Kira & Killer Queen Cosplay


Yoshikage Kira & Killer Queen Cosplay At Otakon


During Otakon this year I found myself gobsmacked by this Jo Jo Villian cosplay duo who nailed an amazing Yoshikage Kira & Killer Queen Cosplay At Otakon.

The cosplayers go by K Cosplay who was Kira and KillerKoz as Killer Queen. They were really nice to chat with and get to know. Sadly, I ran into them just as a massive rainstorm hit DC and the lighting went from perfection to absolute trash. Thankfully they were sensational and we found decent lighting by the food court. I’m happy with the shots I got of them but I also find myself hoping for another chance to shoot them. The best part of the story was that we were able to do an interview and it came out OK. Look forward to that next year.


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