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God Help The Girl Review

God Help The Girl Review The Nardio Movie Review   Spoiler Free Review: Making memories, making music, making friendships making progress. God Help The Girl is a wonderful movie that I haven’t seen in awhile. In fact, I thought movies like this weren’t really made anymore. It felt personal and honest. It’s a musical that hearkens back to when musicals were meant to move and resonate...
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Cute High Earth Defense Club Review

Cute High Earth Defense Club Review The Nardio Anime Review   Is Cute High Earth Defense Club Worth Your Time? Yes.   What Should I Watch It On? As far as I know, Cute High Earth Defense Club is only available for legal streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? Cute High Earth Defense Club is a fun take on the magical girl genre, except this time with boys. Of...
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Highrise Heroes Review

Highrise Heroes Review The Nardio App Review Is Highrise Heroes Worth Your Time? Yes. Without a doubt.   What Should I Play Highrise Heroes On? Highrise Heroes is available for both iOS and Android. As always I prefer playing on my iPad.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? Highrise Heroes has you play as an amnesiac named Seb who must escape a crumbling building with several other...
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Pocket Mine 2 Review

Pocket Mine 2 Review Nardio App Review Is Pocket Mine 2 Worth Your Time? By God, yes.   What Should I Play Pocket Mine 2 On? Pocket Mine 2 is available for both Android and iOS. I prefer playing on a larger screen.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? If you enjoyed the first Pocket Mine then you won’t be disappointed with Pocket Mine 2. It’s the same great gameplay as the...
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Kingdom Rush: Origins Review

Kingdom Rush: Origins Review The Nardio Review Is it worth your time? Yes!   What should you play it on? This review of Kingdom Rush Frontier is for both the iPad and the iPhone.  These are two separate apps and I have bought, played through and beat both. You get the same great experience with both. As always, I prefer gaming on my iPad as you get a better experience on a much larger screen.   What...
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Slime Saga Alpha Update!

Welcome to Slime Saga! Slime Saga is a platformer based on a story I have been working on for a while. It’s my first game, and it is still in development. Slime Saga is best played with a controller. It supports keyboard controls, but it just feels better with an Xbox controller in your hand. For those of you cool enough to get into my alpha I have posted the game updates...
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Phone Story – IndieCade East

Phone Story – IndieCade East IndieCade East 2015 : Phone Story During IndieCade East 2015 a little while back I came across a game that actually floored me. Phone Story. Let me go back a bit. IndieCade East has a tradition where they show off games that have been shunned by greater gaming press, the market place and even society for being too risky or outright offensive.  This is the Rejection part of their...
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Denki-Gai Review

Denki-Gai Review The Nardio Review   Is Denki-Gai Worth Your Time? Yes. So much so I wished it were longer.   What Should I watch Denki-Gai On? Currently the only place to legally stream Denki-gai is on Crunchyroll. I honestly have no problem supporting this service since you get a ton of other anime and dramas along with your subscription.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It?...
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Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain 

Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain    Hearthstone is getting yet another update with Blackrock mountain. 31 New cards are waiting to be unlocked with this new mini expansion.  Back also are the class challenges and the frustrating bosses and Heroic modes. I gotta say I’m dreading and looking forward to both once again. Naxxramas had some cheap boss fights that drove me nuts for a bit.  Some felt a bit too...
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