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HysteriA owns Hearthstone

HysteriA owns Hearthstone Nardio You Tube Spotlight I love Hearthstone. Ever since I was lucky enough to test it out on beta I was shocked at how simple the core mechanics are and yet how complex the game can get at the same time. If you build your deck just right and have great luck with the cards you can pull off some amazing stuff. A player with the nick name HysteriA has been posting some amazing...
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Ben-To Anime Review

Ben-To Anime Review The Nardio Review Is Ben-To worth your time? Yes   What should I watch it on? Right now Funimation is the only legal way to Ben-To. I totally recommend ignoring the horrible Funimation dub and just sticking with the sub titles. You can also buy the complete twelve episode series on here. Unfortunately right now the price for it is insane at about fifty-five...
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ButterUp Knife

ButterUp Knife Nardio Kickstarter Support I love Kickstarter. It always has new quirky things for me to want to spend money on. Sometimes they have great game ideas made by loving fans. Other times they just have smart inventions that seem so smart and obvious we wonder why it wasnt made before. Today I want to highlight one of those inventions: The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp. I’m...
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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun The Nardio Review Is Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Worth Your Time? Yes. This anime will have you laughing every episode.   What Should I Watch it On? Currently the only place to watch Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun legally is through Crunchyroll.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? If you enjoy a good shojo anime or manga, then you’ll definitely enjoy...
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New BeaverTap Game: Mikey Boots!

New BeaverTap Game: Mikey Boots! Nardio News Today BeaverTap games let us know about a new game coming in the Mikey Shorts universe: Mikey Boots! Mikey Shorts will have six unique environments and 42 levels, two playable characters and two hundred and thirty different disguise combinations!  Of course they will also have achievements, MiFi and Game Center support.   Check out our first interview with...
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When Indie Goes Wrong: Panic Arts St...

When Indie Goes Wrong: Panic Arts Studio  A Nardio Indie Game Developer PSA     When a developer stops caring.   Why I won’t support Panic Arts Studio and why you shouldn’t either I was going to review Hero Siege when it was originally released, but it was almost unplayable at launch. I decided to give Panic Arts Studios some time to get their game together as they were telling Facebook fans...
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Battleheart Legacy Review

Battleheart Legacy Review The Nardio Review   Is Battleheart Legacy Worth Your Time? Yes. What Should I Play It On? Batleheart Legacy  is a universal app for iOS 4.3 or later. Honestly, with everything that goes on here I cannot fathom playing and enjoying this on anything smaller than an iPad. What Did We Think Without Spoiling It? Battleheart Legacy is an amazing game that took me over 31 hours to beat...
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Hero Detected Review

Hero Detected Review The Nardio Review   Is Hero Detected Worth Your Time? Yes!   What Should I Play Hero Detected On? Hero Detected is a universal app for iOS 4.3 or later and Android. You get the same great experience on all devices.  This is one of those rare gems that is installed on my iPhone and iPad.  Hero Detected is perfect for any device thanks to it’s pick-up-and-play gameplay....
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Tiny Thor Review

Tiny Thor Review The Nardio Review Is Tiny Thor Worth Your Time? No.   What Should I Play Tiny Thor On? Tiny Thor is a universal app for iOS 5.1.1 and later. You get the same experience on all devices.   How it Plays and Why it Fails: Tiny Thor has a really interesting concept for a platformer, but is crippled by an excessive push for in app purchases and poor quality control.  You need...
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