My Teen Romantic Comedy – SNAFU

There will never be a shortage of the cliche high school romantic comedies, which is what makes My Teen Romantic Comedy stand out even more. It’s an excellent look into the world of the social outcasts of high school with a little humor and, yes, romance peppered in.

Non Non Biyori Review

Non Non Biyori is slice-of-life at its best. You follow around four girls as they explore the countryside. Not only do you get to appreciate the beauty and stillness of the Japanese country you also learn a lot about edible plants, wildlife and Japanese culture. Non Non Biyori isn’t a prequel to Repeat. Instead both serve as an independent look at the lives of Renge, Natsumi, Komari and Hotaru during the same year.

Totes The Goat Review

Totes The Goat is simple but genius idea, swipe to move your goat around the entire play area of the floating island map. To move to the next level you have to land on every square. The hazards are enemies that are scattered on the island or drop in as the game goes on. Every time you clear a map you move to the next level. The controls are great and the art pops enough to keep things interesting.

Mad Aces Review

Mad Aces is an endless high score game that feels one dimensional and.. well kinda pointless.

Blade Ballet Preview

This sexy beast of a game is something I just discovered at the last Playcrafting NYC event a couple of nights ago. DreamSail Games knocked it out of the park with this super polished arena deathmatch game that bleeds style, fun and replay. Blade Ballet has several arenas that are interactive, power ups, a good choice of bots with individual powers and weaknesses and more content is on the way. Blade Ballet is a wonderful looking multiplayer gaming take on robot wars.