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Shirobako Review

Shirobako Review The Nardio Anime Review Is Shirobako Worth Your Time? No. It’s not funny or interesting, Shirobako is downright frustrating and bad.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? Shirobako was one of the most disappointing and frustrating anime experiences I have ever had.  It failed at everything it tried to do besides airing. Don’t bother wasting your time trying to watch...
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Amor Naturals Weekend Sale

Amor Naturals Weekend Sale This weekend Amor Naturals is getting ready for fall with a huge sale on current items. (*Excludes subscriptions.) Thru Oct. 4 take 35% off your total purchase with code: HELLOFALL  Amor Naturals Take 35% off your total purchase this weekend only (thru Oct. 4) with code: HELLOFALL We’re getting ready for fall with a huge sale on our current items, hurry while supplies last!...
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Noragami Review

Noragami Review The Nardio Anime Review   Is Noragami Worth Your Time? Yes, it is a great anime. What Should I Watch Noragami On? As far as I know, Noragami is available for legal streaming on Netflix, Funimation and Hulu.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? There are a ton of different anime out there that center around the spirit realm, gods and death gods. Noragami does so in a...
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Racing Fever Review

Racing Fever Review The Nardio Review Is Racing Fever worth your time? Yes!   What should you play it on? I think Racing Fever is best played and appreciated on a tablet. The graphics, while not mind blowing are great on the bigger screen.  You really also want to be able to see every tight turn.   What did we think without spoiling it? I love Racing Fever.  It’s a driving/racing game...
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Time Clickers iOS Review

Time Clickers iOS Review The Nardio Review Is Time Clickers worth your time? No   What should I play Time Clickers on? I’d stick to large phone screens and tablets for this.   What did we think without spoiling it? Meh. Time Clickers is a boring and pointless waste of time. Unlike a lot of other time-wasting clicker games out there Time Clickers has nothing addicting going for it. Time Clickers...
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Amagi Brilliant Park Review

Amagi Brilliant Park Review The Nardio Anime Review       Is Amagi Brilliant Park Worth Your Time? Yes.     What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? Amagi Brilliant Park is a super fun and unique anime that brings a fresh cast of weird characters together and develops a fleshed out world that will leave you laughing and wanting more. Amagi is about a magical theme park and it’s...
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Hearthstone: Tavern Brawl

Hearthstone: Tavern Brawl My time with Tavern Brawl so far.   Yesterday Hearthstone released it’s newest feature: Tavern Brawl! For the past two days I havent been working on my own game I have been playing two of World of Warcraft’s and Hearthstone’s biggest bosses: Ragnaros the Firelord and Nefarian. I AM HOOKED! Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is amazing and honestly the most fun I can...
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King Magni enters Hearthstone

King Magni enters Hearthstone Nardio News I’ve been hoping for new playable hero skins since launch.  Thankfully Hearthstone started with selling us the ability to replace the most hated playable character Garrosh. In that stupid Warrior’s place we now get the Dwarven King Magni! Magni totally makes sense since a lot of Warrior powers and even it’s special ability has to do with armor....
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AC&C of NYC: Jurassic Bark

AC&C of NYC: Jurassic Bark   Looking for a new companion to love?  My favorite pet organization Animal Care and Control of New York City is having a special pricing event going on June fifth through the fourteenth this month. Animal Care & Control does amazing work every single day.  I am proud to say I’ve adopted both of my cats from AC&C.   If you don’t have the ability to...
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