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Vine idea page for AC&C page

Normally your AC&C pages are something like this. FRANSISCO – ID#A1026145 I am a neutered male, gray and white Domestic Shorthair mix. The shelter staff think I am about 10 months old. I weigh 7 pounds. I was found in NY 10029. I have been at the shelter since Apr 21, 2015. This information is 1 hour old.       Now imagine of the page looked like:...
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Tiny Guardians Preview

Tiny Guardians Preview -Nardio News Tonight we get a special treat, Tiny Guardians!  Something about this game looks great and I can’t wait to download it and try it out. Tiny Guardians is an interesting take on tower defense game.  It looks like it has some Battleheart inspiration mixed in. In Tiny Guardians we follow  Lunalie (Love the name) as she goes off to find her aunt the Sorceress....
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Tiltagon Review

Tiltagon Review The Nardio Review   Is Tiltagon worth your time? Tiltagon is good for about three to ten minutes.  It depends on how patient you are for a broken game..     What should I play Tiltagon on? Tiltagon is perfect for phones and tablets. Its short bursts make it great for a phone while you are waiting around for someone, but it’s a tilt based game so you...
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You should play: Ascension

You should play: Ascension Ascension Chronicle Of The Godslayer: How I fell in love with a deck builder. A little while ago on a date I stumbled upon a great place called the The Uncommons. Its a cafe/game room where you can get amazing coffee and tea, and/or pay 10 bucks for a pass to spend all day playing the board games the store has to offer. We tried a few games and then were introduced to Magic The...
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The Quest Keeper Review

The Quest Keeper Review The Nardio Review   Is The Quest Keeper worth your time? No. Not right now.   What should I play The Quest Keeper on? I’d stick to large phone screens and tablets for this. If it’s a pain seeing hazards on an iPad, I can’t fathom trying to play this on a smaller screen.     What did we think? It has potential, but right now it’s an un-fun ad...
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God Help The Girl Review

God Help The Girl Review The Nardio Movie Review   Spoiler Free Review: Making memories, making music, making friendships making progress. God Help The Girl is a wonderful movie that I haven’t seen in awhile. In fact, I thought movies like this weren’t really made anymore. It felt personal and honest. It’s a musical that hearkens back to when musicals were meant to move and resonate...
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Cute High Earth Defense Club Review

Cute High Earth Defense Club Review The Nardio Anime Review   Is Cute High Earth Defense Club Worth Your Time? Yes.   What Should I Watch It On? As far as I know, Cute High Earth Defense Club is only available for legal streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? Cute High Earth Defense Club is a fun take on the magical girl genre, except this time with boys. Of...
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Highrise Heroes Review

Highrise Heroes Review The Nardio App Review Is Highrise Heroes Worth Your Time? Yes. Without a doubt.   What Should I Play Highrise Heroes On? Highrise Heroes is available for both iOS and Android. As always I prefer playing on my iPad.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? Highrise Heroes has you play as an amnesiac named Seb who must escape a crumbling building with several other...
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Pocket Mine 2 Review

Pocket Mine 2 Review Nardio App Review Is Pocket Mine 2 Worth Your Time? By God, yes.   What Should I Play Pocket Mine 2 On? Pocket Mine 2 is available for both Android and iOS. I prefer playing on a larger screen.   What Did You Think Without Spoiling It? If you enjoyed the first Pocket Mine then you won’t be disappointed with Pocket Mine 2. It’s the same great gameplay as the...
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