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Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Chainsaw Man Cosplay


Welcome back my friends!

I hope you are all safe, happy, healthy and in the mood for cosplay! Check out this awesome Chainsaw Man cosplayer I found at Anime NYC way back when we had conventions! Yep, way, way, way back when, we had in person cons. At those cons, I was lucky enough to actually meet awesome cosplayers in person. 

Crazy right?!?!?!

Anywho, I was crazy happy to see a Chainsaw Man cosplayer. I mean, really, really excited to see one. Check out the interview below to meet Nafis and enjoy his awesome Chainsaw Man cosplay!

New cosplay interview!


This was his FIRST TIME COSPLAYING! Nafis was a lot of fun and he was my VERY first interview Saturday of the con and it was a great start to the day. Sure, it was hella bright when we were shooting, but I’m happy with the interview and the shots. Check a few out below:

Chainsaw Man Cosplay

Chainsaw Man Cosplay


Huge thanks to Nafis for taking the time to shoot and talk with me. It was a pleasure. Once again I have to thank the staff of Anime NYC for having us as press. It was a great send off for me during this con hiatus. I look forward to in person cons again in 2023.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the new year. Have a great weekend!

Love ya!



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