What, two days in a row of cute kittens? I know, it’s almost too much to handle. The internet and I have a mutual love of all things cute and fluffy. Now I don’t think I’ve ever experienced any of my kittens arching their back to a┬átinselly┬áball, but hey, to each their own. It’s a bit unfortunate that the cat didn’t really intimidate anything, and just ended up being ridiculously adorable. I love how it rolls around and gets back up like, heyyy tricked you didn’t I muahaha.

Also, my favorite comment that I think sums up the cats behavior perfectly “YOU ALIEN OBJECT OF ROUND PROPORTIONS. YOU DONT SMELL RIGHT, WHO SENT YOU? WHO IS YOUR LEADER?! So not willing to talk eh? Well how about I-BOO! HUAOAOAOBBUUOO!! BOGA BOGA BOGA!!”

Jasmine Greene

Jasmine Greene has been a freelance writer for over four years with experience in video game, book and movie reviews. She lives in Manhattan. Nardio is her second of hopefully many (successful) web ventures. When she is not working as an executive assistant or at Nardio, Jasmine volunteers at Kitty Kind so that she can get her crazy cat lady on.

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