Aside from kittens, red pandas are probably my next favorite thing in the world. I don’t really remember the first time  I saw them, but I’ve been in love ever since. They’re just so adorable and fluffy and…you get the idea. Generally when you go to the zoo they’re not very active. Red pandas actually sleep around 17 hours a day and are crepuscular meaning they have the most energy around dawn and dusk. As babies though, these little guys, like many other animals, have a bundle of energy.

Jasmine Greene

Jasmine Greene has been a freelance writer for over four years with experience in video game, book and movie reviews. She lives in Manhattan. Nardio is her second of hopefully many (successful) web ventures. When she is not working as an executive assistant or at Nardio, Jasmine volunteers at Kitty Kind so that she can get her crazy cat lady on.

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