The Nardio IOS app review (iPad 2)

By Bernardo Español

Four in a Row Main


Is it worth your time?


(Developer interview coming soon!)


Four in a Row Win

What should I play it on?

It’s available for all three iOS devises and works flawlessly on them.  As always I prefer to play on my iPad 2.


What did you think without spoiling it?

Just buy it.

It’s a perfect connect four game. No crazy frills, no unneeded backgrounds or fancy dots.  It’s the game you grew up loving, now on your iOS devise.  It’s perfect for what it is.  I’m much happier having this on my iPad than some board game where the pieces go missing and I need to find a place to keep the box.

If your nervous about it they have a free ad supported version.  But honestly, just trust me and buy it.


How does it play?

Four in a Row plays perfectly. It works perfectly offline by yourself versus the computer or with two players passing it back and forth. It even has an online mode where you can play with your Game Center friends or get connected to a random player. Online and offline work perfectly.


Why it works:

Four in a Row is simple game for people of all ages.  I don’t have to worry very much about letting a kid play since it’s ad free . At 3.3MB it’s just something you can just leave on your iOS device forever and never worry about.  Perfect for car rides…unless you’re the driver I mean.

Four in a Row Game Center

No like?

It’s a perfect game for what it is. Just buy it.


Basic Info:

  • Price: 1.99 Cents!!
  • Worth: Perfectly Priced
  • Size: 3.3MB
  • Universal App.
  • Game Center Support.
  • Multiplayer
  • 1 or 2 player
  • Kid Friendly
  • An insane amount of replay value.

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