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Is Goblin Sword worth your time?



What should I play Goblin Sword on?

Goblin Sword is a universal app for iOS 5.0 or later. You get the same great experience on all devices.  This is one of those rare gems that is installed on my iPhone and iPad.


What did we think without spoiling it?

Goblin Sword is the greatest platformer I have played yet for the iOS and one of the best platformers I have ever played, period.

Goblin Sword HardFirst off, there is a lot of negative feedback on this games difficulty on the iOS review section.  I wholeheartedly disagree with those comments.  Goblin Sword gets hard, but it is always beatable.

Goblin Sword is a perfect platforming adventure that will ask a lot of you.  During my time with it I found levels can be challenging.  When you start off your weapon is weak and you don’t have very much life.  At times, it seems that certain ledges and items are always out of your reach.  Other times it seems taking damage at certain points is mandatory.  While that can seem cheap, it also means you end to plan your play though to be as perfect as possible.  New weapons and Items can make a tough level turn into a joke.  Hidden items can be behind or under almost any area.  Enemies can be downright maddening, but surprisingly simple once you get to know them.

Goblin Sword is amazing.  It seems so simple, and easy almost to a fault when you first start playing it.  A sort of “What’s the big deal” app?  But the more you play, the more it sinks in that this isn’t just another lazy pixel platformer.  Goblin Sword is a love letter to Castlevania, Metroid, and every gamer that has ever spent hours trying to 100% them.  This is the platformer that all other iOS platformers will be compared to from now on.

Get this.


How it plays & why it works:

Goblin Sword is a perfect platforming adventure.  With several boss fights, three worlds, two endings, lots of different power up items to use and lots of unique baddies to fight Goblin Sword will not be a one day and you’re done app.

Goblin Sword has a great art style to it with wonderful backgrounds and very unique enemies to fight against.  The sound design is great too.  Simple and effective sound effects never get annoying and the music just melts right into the gameplay.  Boss battles are unique, challenging, and fun.

Goblin Sword BossThe controls are perfect.

A lot of players don’t seem to like the idea that the armor in Goblin Sword is just for vanity, but I really dig it. Sure it’s fun sometimes to unlock the best armor to help you in games like this.  Knowing you have  and earned the best in slot. But it also has the side of effect of making gamer’s horde enough money to just buy the best and move on.  It really feels lame to me most of the time when you feel forced to wear certain items when playing these types of games.  Yet here in Goblin Sword it’s not about your armor, its about your skill.  It can also come down to certain items at times.  But you never need certain items to do things.  They can be really helpful, but so can others if you think hard enough and are lucky.


I think Goblin Sword Works because of its perfectly tuned progressive difficulty.  Sure at times it can seem overwhelming, but with patience it pays off. This makes every level feel rewarding when you do finally conquer it.  The more items and swords you unlock the easier the game gets.  Sort of. Soon you will find yourself replaying old levels for fun with the different gear sets trying to dominate it all. Best of all with Goblin Sword, you never get the feeling that you played the exact same level before.  That says a lot because all too often modern platformers tend to feel repetitive the longer you play them. Goblin Sword feels like a new challenge with every level.IMG_5103

I’m sure Goblin Sword could have been stretched out with a few copycat levels here and there, but it seems the developer (Gelato Games) wanted to keep the experience tight and unique.  For that, I am extremely thankful.  When I finished the game the first time and got the bad ending, the game still felt complete and at a perfect length.  When I went back and re-beat it for the good ending, it felt as complete at it was ever meant to be.

The best part about Goblin Sword for me is this tweet:




 Just download this. 


No like?


Goblin Sword is a perfect platforming game that is a must have.



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Basic Info:

  • .99 cents on iOS for a limited time
  • 12.5  MB iOS
  • Universal app
  • No In-App Purchases!






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