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Grom the Paunch


There is a new Warhammer 40th Anniversary video out showcasing a really fun goblin mini in an epic multi wolf ride called Grom the Paunch. Check out the video below:

Grom the Paunch is really fun and I really like the classic paint job. I also love the more modern paint job that we are treated to in the video. Oddly and unfortunately, like all of the other classic featured minis for this event Grom the Paunch is not on sale or being re-released. It blows my mind that these classics aren’t even offered as a made to order items.

In my opinion Games Workshop is leaving money on the table with this series. All of the featured minis should be released for sale and better yet, have rules in the games today. Official painting contests would be awesome to see as well. Aw well, what can I say, if a huge company like GW doesn’t want my money that’s up to them. Find out more at the link below.

Grom the Paunch



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