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Knights of Pen & Paper Action Shot!

Where are my loaded die?

Is it worth your time?


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What should I play it on?

Knights of Pen & Paper is available on the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone iOS 4.3 and later. You get the same great experience with all devices. As always, I prefer gaming on my iPad.


What did you think without spoiling it?


Knights of Pen & Paper is a perfect classic retro RPG fun that will satisfy the most die-hard old school RPG gamer.  You wanna level grind?  You got it! You wanna fight tons of pixelated baddies? Got it! Want tongue-in-cheek humor with a tad bit of intentionally misspelled text? Got it! You want more content to make sure your pen and paper RPG experience doesn’t grow old? You got it! Knights of Pen & Paper is also very lighthearted.  Don’t expect doom, gloom and gratuitous violence here.  Instead expect multiple classes, unique character bonuses, and retro fun.  Knights of Pen & Paper deserves to be on your iPad if you were born in the bit generation.

Knights of Pen and paper knows it’s a game… about a group of gamers playing a game.  Yes, it breaks the fourth wall and embraces classic RPG jokes while poking fun at them. It keeps this game fresh long after you start playing.  It has in app purchases, but you don’t need them at all. All in all the game is just awesome.


Knights of Pen & Paper table & room Upgrades

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How does it play?

The Knights of Pen & Paper Dev Gang are going DOWN!

Take down the Dev team!

The controls are spot on.  Tap and play.  The pacing of the game is great. The menu system is flawless and the art is really simple and fun.  The leveling and gear upgrade system gives you a good feeling of progression.  Besides missing an in-game glossary to tell you what stat does what for certain characters, the game is perfect for me.

Knights of Pen & Paper is played by the roll of a pixelated die.  When traveling, mining, resting and even upgrading your gear, your luck goes hand in hand with your rolls.  This adds an interesting amount of tension that will follow you throughout your game.  Will you be able to rest your badly injured party? Will you be able to have your new armor made?  Can you get to a safe village to rest before you get attacked again? These all depend on the roll of the die.  And it’s great!

The world map has every area you need to visit marked for the level of baddies you will face there.  There will be times where you might be sent off on a quest that is several levels above your own. Like most RPGs, it’s always a good idea to grind. You can either stay at your current location or go to one that’s slightly higher level. As you progress the baddies naturally get harder, with status ailments and really nasty DPS.  Be sure not only to level, but also upgrade your gear before you venture too far out.

This brings us to the blacksmith,  the most interesting gold sink in Knights of Pen & Paper so far.  He doesn’t sell you gear, he upgrades what you have.  Problem is, he starts off with a really high rate of failure.  To upgrade the blacksmith you need to go into caves and pick up Grindstones or buy them at the village stores.  The higher you level your blacksmith the smaller the margin of error he has and the less time you need to wait to compete the upgrade.  I like this mechanic because it makes sure you can’t just gold grind like crazy and then find yourself too overpowered too fast.  But, if you’re not in the mood to grind as much the option is there to just buy some more gold to speed things up a bit.


Why it works:

The interface works perfectly.  I haven’t encountered any glitches whatsoever.  The humor is really cute and they have already updated the game with more content, FOR FREE.  I have been playing this on and off since mid-December and I’m still enjoying my time with it.  There are plenty of quests,gear upgrades and the option to play with some new classes.  There is the option to buy gold, but I found I never needed it.  You make tons of gold during normal gameplay and level grinding.


No like?

I would love to see an in-game library of baddies that show their stats, level and skills. I really haven’t had any issues with the game, besides not enough time in the day to play it.


Basic Info:

  • Price: $1.99 on the Apple App Store!
  • 28 MB
  • 1 player game.
  • 3 Save Slots
  • Great replay value.
  • Universal App


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