Is it worth your time?


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What should I play it on?

This game plays perfectly on the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone iOS 4.0 and later.

What did you think without spoiling it?

A simple children’s game that will keep the younger kids (4-6) quiet and busy.  It’s a cute game that took me about an hour to finish.  I can say I really enjoyed it.  It has catchy music, cute Lego graphics and relaxing gameplay. I can totally see myself uploading this app to keep the kids happy and quiet.

Yes, legs

How does it play?

The controls are great.  Most of the time you just need to press one button to move forward.  The objective of game is to collect all of the Lego pieces.  Once you do, you unlock new parts for your vehicle.  After you beat a stage and collecting the pieces, you get to build various structures that then go in the background next time you drive.  It gets slightly harder when you unlock the helicopter cab, which allows you to fly. It takes a try or two but soon enough you can get the hang of flight and getting all of those wonderful Lego.

Tip:  When using the helicopter cab just drive under the Lego parts high up in the air and just press fly.

One touch and you are set (or two in this case).

Why it works:

Super simple controls with no lag whatsoever to take away from the fun. You get a sense of accomplishment each time you run-through the level and see a completed structure in the background.

Flying helicopter car with legs FTW!

Womp Womp….

No like?

Two things:

  1. On the top left of the title menu you will see a cog.  When you press it you see the picture above you.  What isn’t clearly explained is if you hit the lock button you reset the entire game.  While totally useful when you actually want to reset it,  it would be nice if there was a prompt, or even double prompt to make sure the kids don’t delete all of their work. It doesn’t take that long to earn it all back thankfully.
  2. It seems there is a small glitch.  If someone stops accelerating right on the ramp over the water part of the level you can get stuck.  It’s kind of game-breaking.

The game-breaker

The only way to fix this is to hit the home button to minimize the game, then double click the home button to open the open programs.  Hold down the Lego game icon and then click it one more time to forcibly close the game.  It’s just like force closing any other app.  Honestly I found out about this problem while reading one of the critical comments about this App on the apple reviews.  It took me about four tries to actually get the game to break.  It’s not that big of a deal.

Basic Info:

  • Price:  FREE on the Apple App Store!
  • Worth:  I would have paid 2 bucks for this game.
  • 1 player game.
  • Good replay value.
  • Child friendly.  No violence, cusses, nudity, etc..
  • Like the game title it’s great for kids 4 and up.



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