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What should I play it on?

This game plays perfectly on the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone iOS 5.0 and later. You get the same great experience with all devices, but I get the most enjoyable experience playing on the iPad.  The graphics are really nice and they are best showcased and appreciated on the bigger screen.

What did you think without spoiling it?

IT’S FREE!!!!! I play this pretty often on the train to and from work. It’s a fun time waster that pretty much goes on forever and you just play to beat your or your friend’s score. This is classic endless gaming that is just fun. Be careful though…I’ve missed my train stop a few times  playing this.  Oddly “I was late to work because I was playing an awesome app” isn’t a good reason to be late to the office.

Now it has in-app purchases… I know I normally try to avoid games with this, but I have to say this is one of the good ones. You aren’t bombarded very often with ads to buy things, and you don’t need to buy anything.

How does it play?

The controls are perfect and the character animations are very, very impressive. There is no lag whatsoever on my iPad 2 or iPhone 4. As fast as this game gets I’m really thankful for that. I think this game has the best swipe to move controls I have played so far with an app. At no time did I feel like this was a cheaply done app, in fact I’m surprised at all the quality this game oozes: The insanely catchy music, the ability to jump right back into the action after you fail, the fluid way my character moves on screen and the insane detail to the animation and sound. How is this a free game?  Honestly I bought some coins just to thank the developer for making this game.

One touch and you are set.

Why it works:

One finger gameplay with no lag whatsoever. This game gets fast and always stays fun.  There are tons of endless running games in the iOS store and this is one of the best, paid and free.

The good and bad is the game is randomly generated, so you can’t “learn the course”. This is good since there aren’t check points you can start back from if you mess up, so you don’t have that starting all over again feeling. The down side is you can’t “learn the course“. Some people might feel like they lose that feeling of progression. The game is more about beating your score, getting better upgrades, new characters to play with and getting the parts for your fave toon. The progression is definitely there when you notice your power ups lasting longer. There are random mystery boxes around the game that spice things up.  They can have player parts or single use upgrades.  Also there are mission objectives that give you something to do and reward you with coins when you beat ’em.

Did I mention its FREE!?!?!?!?!

You can get new characters to play with by collecting parts while playing or buying them with in-game currency.

You can upgrade your power ups you find in-game with the coins you pick up or pay for.

you have everything you could buy and earn or if you just want to spend some coins you can buy one time use power ups.

Honestly the prices for the amount of coins you get aren’t bad.


The ads you see are actually cute.

You can watch the ads over and over for coins. There is a daily limit but I doubt you will hit it, and if you do waiting until tomorrow to see more ads for more coins isn’t that bad.

If you want you can buy coins or as the screen shots above show you can earn them.  They have the usual options: liking them on Facebook, subscribing to their YouTube channel, or following them on twitter.  I think there might have been an App or two I was asked to download before. Or you can just look at some preview videos for movies or other games.  Honestly those aren’t bad options.  I’ve come across some other games like Lil’ Kingdom that want you to install something on your iPad or iPhone that tracks what apps you put on it, so then you can download what apps they recommend to earn in game currency…. No thank you!

Compared to that, watching a few in-game videos and liking a company I already respect is nothing.  In fact it’s totally worth it. I’ve found other apps I really like thanks to the ads and I bought the Iron Man DVD from Amazon for my friend’s kid who loved it.  So the commercials are actually a pretty cool bonus.  Sure there can be some not so great apps recommendations, but hey that’s what you have me for.  To help you find what’s worth your time.

No like?

A conversation with your child!!!   If you are giving this to a child you are going to have the “Don’t act like the children in this game” talk.   I mean, the last thing you want is your kid thinking it’s cool to graffiti and run from the cops on train tracks….. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not see that on the news…

There are some pop-up ads when you start the game.  So be sure if you are letting some kid play, that In-App Purchases are turned off.  I kind of wish some of the characters you can get didn’t cost so many parts or coins to get.  I understand it is to add replay to the game, and motivates you to buy coins…. but grrr….  BUT you CAN earn them all and honestly the game is fun enough that you will earn everything if you really want to.  Did I mention its free?!???!

Basic Info:

  • Price:  FREE on the Apple App Store!
  • Worth:  I would have paid 3 bucks for this game.
  • 1 player game.
  • Months  worth of replay value.
  • You don’t NEED the In-App Purchases.  They are there if you want to splurge or thank the developer for a job well done.
  • Actual good commercials?!?!
  • Continuing developer support with fixes.
  • Supports game center so you can see your friends top scores and share your own.
  • Child friendly (with a talk first).  No violence, cusses, nudity, etc..
  • I would say this is good for a patient 9-year-old who likes fun time killers and beating his friends’ scores. I’m 30 and I’m addicted to this game. Parents, you might find yourself sharing this one with the kids and working to get the power-up upgrades together.


Kiloo Games

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More examples of some of the characters you can unlock below:

Frank (Donnie Darko reference anyone?)

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