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Is it Worth Your Time?

Yes. Looper is an excellent movie.


What Should I Watch it On

You can best appreciate Looper on Blu-ray.


What Did You Think Without Spoiling It?

Looper is a great sci-fi movie that blends futuristic elements like time travel and hover cars into the familiar landscape of rolling countryside and dirty cities. If you’re looking for an action-packed movie, you’ll be disappointed. There are some excellent action sequences in Looper, but the main story revolves around the choices that the main character makes in the future and present.


Why it Works

While the movie seems to focus on time travel, it really focuses on the consequences of one’s actions and how they affect the present and future. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does an excellent job in copying Bruce Willis’ speech and mannerisms. In the beginning, you might not really like Levitt that much, and you’re not really meant to. He’s a selfish junkie in the beginning, willing to give up his “best friend” so that his hidden stash of money is safe. We see the kind of man he becomes if he continues following down his path. Can one change fate and what are the consequences of changing your fate? It’s a well written, evocative and well-paced movies. The slower moments are punctuated with quick bursts of violence. The violence itself is not done in a gratuitous or sadistic manner. It simply is. I’m glad that the movie didn’t necessarily get bogged down in the complications of time travel. While there are some confusing parts, you can easily push it to the side and just enjoy the movie for what it is.


No Like

There are still questions at the end of the movie, but if you put aside issues of time travel, the story is solid. I can’t find much fault in Looper.


In Closing

Looper is an excellent movie that asks the question: Can you change your fate? You may be asking yourself various questions concerning time travel by the end, but if you put aside those questions, you can thoroughly enjoy Looper.

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