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 Dredd 2012

Is It Worth Your Time?

Yes. Dredd is fun action flick.


What Should I Watch it On?

Hands down, Blu-Ray. Dredd has a lot of cool explosions, action sequences and some pretty cool effects.


What Did You Think Without Spoiling It?

I never saw the original Sylvestor Stallone Judge Dredd, and I’m kind of glad I haven’t. I feel like I might not have taken the chance with the 2012 Dredd considering how much people disliked the first one. I had a lot of fun with Dredd. There are some great action sequences and a good dose of humor. It’s not a movie that has a lot to say, but it’s a fun ride.


Why it Works

Dredd is unapologetic about it’s over-the-top action sequences. Is it mindless? Yes. But at least it looks amazing and it’s fun. The effects while people are on the Slo-Mo drug are awesome. Not only does everything slow down, but everything looks brighter…sparklier. Karl Urban is great as the titular Judge Dredd. He shows zero mercy to anyone who breaks the law and deals swift punishment. Olivia Thirlby is good as the rookie. While she seems a bit more soft-hearted than Dredd, she certainly is capable of holding her own and has no issue with mentally torturing a suspect for information. There are a couple twists and turns but the movie doesn’t start or end on a happy note. Instead, it coasts along the same grim and nihilistic tone. Even if Dredd defeats the bad guy today, there’s no end to the criminals in the Megacity. I fully expect a sequel.


No Like

Nothing. I had a ton of fun watching this movie.


In Closing

Dredd is a great action flick. There are plenty of cheesy one-liners, amazing action sequences and enough of a story line to keep you engaged. Watch Dredd. It’s worth it.

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