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Max Axe Game Play

Once again we have a great game idea ruined by pay walls and greed.


Is Max Axe Worth Your Time?



What Should I Play It On?

Max Axe is a universal app for iOS 6.0 or later and Google Play. With everything that goes on I think this mess is best wasted on a tablet. Before regretting the download and deleting it.


What Did We Think & Why It Fails:

Not worth it.

Not worth it.

Max Axe is an endless runner with an interesting twist that has you swiping to defend and attack oncoming enemies and currency.  At first this seems really fun, until the lag hits, then the pay walls. The many, many pay walls.

Max Axe starts off woefully under powered to deal with the enemies around him.  The only way to get stronger is by “leveling up” by completing certain challenges.  Unfortunately this process is slow and monotonous. All the while Max Axe reminds you that you can spend in game currency to buy out of these challenges to level up faster.  But the prices are always increasing. By insane amounts. So either endlessly try to make it slightly farther until you come up against baddies that you have no chance against or pay up with real cash to try and have an enjoyable gaming experience.

I get that Max Axe is a Freemium game, but its money grab/pay wall/leveling mechanic is just so harsh I can’t honestly recommend it.  Then there is the really bad lag. Max Axe has a ton of promise. I love the swipe to throw your axe mechanic and I love the chains and combos you are able to pull off.  Even the enemies seem interesting, until you realize there isn’t much variety to them.

Avoid this game…. It’s not even worth writing more of a review.


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Basic Info:

  • Free on iOS
  • 55.7  MB
  • Universal app




Max Axe Website

Max Axe on iTunes

Max Axe on Google Play




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