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Is Meganebu Worth Your Time?

No. It’s not funny or interesting.


What Did You Think Without Spoiling It?

After watching the first two episodes of Meganebu, I think we’re taking this out of our Crunchyroll queue. There’s nothing remotely funny here. In fact, it’s almost painful to sit through an episode. The characters are just not interesting. I get that they’re trying to make fun of cliches of other anime, but it just doesn’t work. In fact they’re caricatures of caricatures.


Why it Fails

The characters are not interesting, the plot is all over the place and it’s just not funny. I can totally appreciate random plot and humor. I mean I have come to love Nichijou and even like Chronicles of the Going Home Club to a certain extent. This, however, is just an all around fail. It’s just not funny. I feel like they’re trying too hard to be funny and clever, but I just did not laugh at anything. It’d be one thing if the characters were endearing, but they’re not. There’s nothing holding these guys together except for glasses. There’s no feeling of friendship between them. The characters themselves are also flat and boring.

Maybe the one saving grace of Meganebu is the design. The characters are well drawn and the colors really pop. Sadly, it’s wasted on just poor writing. I suggest skipping this anime. Normally, I watch at least 3-4 episodes before giving up on a show, but this was just awful. I couldn’t even finish the second episode. If you want an excellent comedy that has bright colors and good design, watch Baka x Test.

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3 Responses

  1. Bernardo Español says:

    I totally agree. This is so bad I am shocked it made it on TV.

  2. vincio says:

    Disagree it is good. You just need to understand how and why the characters are friends.

  3. Bernardo Español says:

    I dunno vincio. I tried, really, I tried to like this show. I have watched a few more episodes and it is just boring. You see the jokes coming from a mile away and they friendship seems forced and the art lazy. This is not even close to My Mental Choices are Interfering.
    I’m sad this was simulacast.

    Please tell me what you like about the show.

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