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Is Must Deliver worth your time?



What should I play Must Deliver on?

I think Must Deliver is only suited for tablets.  Enemies come from a lot of directions ad you don’t want your hand covering the screen so much.  Sadly even with the larger screens of tablets, there will be a lot of cheap deaths.


What did we think without spoiling it?

Must Deliver doesn’t deliver.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I had to.

Must Deliver has a great concept, but a flawed design..

Must Deliver is an endless game that has you moving straight ahead going from checkpoint to check point for high score and currency.  You have to dodge zombies that run at you that come from almost every direction.  Sadly the controls, the  limited view space and the speed at which the zombies come at you turn this from being an interesting time waster into an ad watching app.


How it plays & why it fails:

The controls suck. You hold your character to move around the screen, but there is a lot of lag. The game cant keep up with your finger.  Which is bad because you need to move very fast to doge the zombies that almost seem to appear right next to you.

There should also be another button to handle your characters special move. To pull it off you need to pull your finger off the screen, which is horrible. Enemies come at you so fast you need to stay in control.  It’s a risk reward sort of thing that quickly proves itself to be broken.  This is especially bad since it takes a second or two for the special attack to go off.

Another problem is the limited view space. The game window is very narrow.  Needlessly so.  It makes the game mercilessly harder. Honestly that and everything else I described make the game seem poorly put together or put together so its semi playable, but made for you to inevitably fail so you are stuck watching an ad.
Avoid this…



I enjoy how different characters have different special attacks.



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Basic Info:

  • Free with in app purchases
  • 59.1  MB
  • Universal app









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