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Tiny Guardians main preview pic
Tonight we get a special treat, Tiny Guardians!  Something about this game looks great and I can’t wait to download it and try it out.
Tiny Guardians is an interesting take on tower defense game.  It looks like it has some Battleheart inspiration mixed in.

In Tiny Guardians we follow  Lunalie (Love the name) as she goes off to find her aunt the Sorceress. Lunalie  can summon up to twelve unique heroes to protect her. It looks like this is going to take the classic Battleheart protect-the-healer battles to the next level.  It seems like there is plenty of movement room on screen.  I hope this is a very interactive game where I will constantly have to make sure Lunalie doesnt die.  The preview trailer looks very promising.  My faviorte part is the boss fights.  I love it when games just don’t do wave after wave.  It seems we get to look forward to a story mode and a challenge mode.  I am sensing great replay! I have high hopes for this game and cannot wait to try it out tonight.

Tiny Guardians

Check out a snippet of the press release below:
Tiny Guardians game playTraverse through the Caspid Plains and Fractured Forest, onto the ashen soil of Helix and a mysterious circus.
Various updates and unit classes allow for diverse strategies, allowing a different experience on every try.
• TD without towers, a refreshing take on this strategy genre.
• 12 guardian classes (with 4 upgradable levels each) are available.
• Over 40 diverse enemy types, come up with different strategies to defeat them.
• Exciting and unique boss fights and special events in certain levels.
• Each level has a Story and Challenge Mode, each with three difficulties.
• Achievements are integrated with the Game Center to store all your accomplishments.
• Gorgeously illustrated cards to summon guardians. Collect them all!
• All the above allow for plenty of strategies!
✔ Retina display support view
all the detailed artwork in high quality!
✔ iCloud support for you to share your progress across devices.

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