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Where neon Drive goes wrong

Is Neon Drive worth your time?




What should I play Neon on?

I think Neon Drive works best on larger devices. You want to be able to take in the sweet visuals and tight turns.


How it Plays and Why it Fails:

 This is a weird one for me since it has so many positive user reviews.  Unfortunately, I just don’t like Neon Drive.

Neon Drive is a mash up between different types of endless runners and a racing game.  You get two different views: behind the car/character type and top down. It’s billing itself as a sort of retro type of racing game, but I don’t see it. It plays like a twitchy endless runner in the beginning then devolved into a broken one later on.

I’m well over twenty attempts in and I can’t seem to get past 60% completion for level one. The top down view area is killing me. The controls don’t seem responsive enough and  the dead end areas just feel cheap. To make matters worse you need to redo the whole level over and over again to get to the cheap parts.  Ugh.. Neon Drive looks nice, but it’s just not fun for me to have to redo an area over and over again only to face cheap fail after cheap fail.

I reall want to recommend Neon Drive. It looks great and the music is fun.  Unfortunately, it’s just not fun enough to justify hitting walls over and over again less than a minute into the game.  It’s a shame because I feel like the game has a bit more to offer; I just don’t care enough to try.  I only tried this much for the review. Neat concept, but it needs work.


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Basic Info:

  • Free with ads
  • 59 MB
  • Universal app
  • In-App Purchases
  • Uses rescue ads




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