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Pocket Climber Main Screen 


Is it worth your time?


What should I play it on?

I would only play Pocket Climber iPad so you can see the upcoming obstacles easier. Oddly this app isn’t universal so this review is for the iPad 2 only.


What did you think without spoiling it?

Pocket Climber Window area

Ugh…. I really wanted to love this game.  It’s Free!!! Unfortunately it’s a broken game. A very addictive & frustrating, broken game.  No matter how good you are in running games you are going to encounter parts that you just cannot pass. Randomized dead ends. So you will die.  And it will suck.  But the developer has made it that you can use some of your coins as a continue.  That sounds like a good idea, unfortunately the number of coins you need increases the higher you go.  If you don’t have the coins, you are reminded that you can buy more with real money. See where I am going here?

Bad level design and greed ruined what could have been a refreshing breath of life to the tired endless runner genre.

It’s a really fresh take on the endless running genre when it’s working right.  Sadly, the insane amount of cheap deaths and the dead ends you come across just make the game too frustrating to bother with for the long term.  It’s a free game, but a free game that’s not worth it.


How does it play & Why it fails:

The swipe detection is perfect. The graphics are great! The music is really fun. That’s where the praise ends. You will often find yourself dying jumping to a ledge that should have no problems, but for some reason you fall to your doom. Worse, like I mentioned before, you will be going along like a champ for a while only to encounter a dead end.  So you die when it’s not your fault at all.  That in itself is so game breaking I can’t recommend the game.

I’m not saying I didn’t give this game the better part of a night playing it.  Not only because it was fun (when it worked), but really to try and redeem it.  But sadly the longer I played it the more I found problems that lead to cheap death, after cheap death.


Final Thoughts:

Please! Please someone take this idea and run with it.  In the non-fail direction!  This game has so much potential that itsreally upsets me that it’s so broken. This could be a really, really great game.  It could be a conquer the tallest buildings in the world sort of deal with a randomized endless runner that opens up after you beat it.  Or just a really good endless runner.

Please, someone pick up the baton that was dropped here and run with it.


Basic Info:

  • Price: Free
  • Worth: Zero
  • 41.2 MB
  • 1 player game.
  • One save slot

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