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Punch Club 2: Fast Forward


Check out the announcement trailer for Punch Club 2: Fast Forward.


OK, I’m going to start off saying that I didn’t like the first Punch Club game.


It was bad.

It was needlessly grindy to the point of wasting my life for no real gains in game. The story was a mess that never felt like its own because it was filled to the brim with references and callouts to pop culture. The story also got more and more nonsensical as it went on and the final ending was just meh. As you can probably tell, I played the heck out of the game hoping for it to get better but it only got worse.


All that said….

Hopefully Punch Club 2 is better. I stuck with it not only to do a good review but also because it felt like it had so much potential. Sure the story was stupid, but it was almost stupid fun. The art was interesting and the gameplay, if refined has the potential to be addictive.


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