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Smash'n'Bash fails at gaming picture

You will see this often. If you are smart you will delete it the first time you do.

Is it worth your time?



What should I play it on?

Smash’n’Bash is an universal app for iOS 4.0 or later.  The game makes dodging obstacles pretty annoying so I think if you are going to try this game do it only on the iPad.


What did you think without spoiling it?

Smash'n'Bash gameplaySmash’n’Bash  is a side scrolling runner that has you dodging obstacles and switching weapons to break past baddies standing in your way.  Smash’n’Bash is also a prime example of a good concept ruined by Freemium price gouging. I get that Smash’n’Bash is free, but you will OFTEN find yourself held back by actual gates in the game that you cannot pass unless you spend tens of thousands of in-game gold to “upgrade” your character.  The “rage” mechanic and gates are how they plan to make money here. Sadly how they plan to make money also ruins how you can have fun. It’s a shame because the game has potential.  The art is great the music is catchy, but the cash grab just ruined the game.


How it plays and why it fails:

Smash'n'Bash how to

The controls start off painfully slow until you level them up a few times. Then you find out that you need to also upgrade your rage mechanic a few times if you want to make it past the first level.  Along the way you will notice enemies often block obstacles, leading to many cheap deaths. Once you do upgrade enough to get past the first area you will soon find that you need to upgrade a lot more to get out of the second area. For a runner, this is just utterly ridiculous. Add in to that the ridiculous prices for upgrades and you can see why I deleted the game off my iPad. If it wasn’t for the price gouging I would have gladly paid .99 cents for the game.  It has tons of promise. Sadly, that promise is ruined by shortsighted greed and bad design.  Avoid this.



Basic Info:

  • 1 player game.
  • Free!!!
  • 43.3 MB


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