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Take it Easy

Is It Worth Your Time?

Yes. Take it Easy is a great time killer.


What Should I Play It On?

Take it Easy is an universal app. You get the same great experience on all of them, but I prefer gaming on the iPad.


How Does it Play?

Take It Easy tutorial

Seems easy enough

Take it Easy is a fairly straightforward puzzle game where you need to match the different colored stripes with each other. The idea is quite simple but, as with all puzzle games, it does get quite difficult later on. There are three different modes to play: Puzzle, Progressive and Classic. This basically means that you have pretty much endless gameplay.

Classic mode is a basic get the highest score game. You are given unlimited time and you need to arrange the tiles to increase your score.

Progressive is just like what it sounds like. There are 5 different difficulty levels with each one requiring a higher goal to proceed to the next round. Each round has a 2 minute time limit to reach the goal. Depending on how quickly you beat the round, you can also receive a timed bonus. After each completed level, there is a bonus round where you can increase your score. Like classic mode, progressive is more about beating your own score.

Finally, there’s puzzle mode. There are 100 different types of puzzles where you need to reach a certain score or match up the noted direction of the bars. It might seem easy, but later on it definitely gets much harder.

By far, my favorite mode was puzzle. There’s a sense of accomplishment when you look back on all the levels and see check marks next to all 100. Some of them were also pretty tough. I’d need to put the iPad down for a couple days and come back to it.


Why it Works:

Take It Easy gameplay

OMFG, how did it get so hard!

Take it Easy does a great job at easing you into the gameplay. It starts off pretty easy and ramps up in difficulty the further along you go. It’s a pretty addictive game too. There’s that one-more-puzzle mentality you get, especially when you’re on a roll. In addition, the puzzle mode really keeps you guessing as it adds different types of obstacles, goals, etc. as you make it to the higher levels. There’s endless replay value here with the classic and progressive modes as well. Overall, it’s a simple yet well thought out game.

Like the gameplay, the overall look and feel of the game is simple. The graphics are well done and never too flashy. The background music is the same throughout all of the levels but it doesn’t take away from the game at all.  The gameplay itself is pretty spot on, even if it can get frustrating at times.

There’s also a split-screen multiplayer mode where you can stack up your score against your friend, which is quite a bit of fun as well. I prefer to play this game solo, but there’s plenty of fun here for people who want to compete with others. There’s also connection to leaderboards, etc. for the exceptionally competitive players.


No Like?

There are times when I just restart a particular puzzle over and over again to get the right combination of tiles. This gets annoying, especially in the puzzle and progressive modes where sometimes it feels more like luck that allows me to pass a level. It kind of reminds me a bit of Tetris where you don’t get the tile you need until you’re forced to put a tile in that empty space. Then, of course, you get the one you want. It can certainly get very frustrating, especially later on, but I still played the game until completion.



For $1.99 this game will definitely keep you busy for the next couple days. Plus even if you finish the puzzle mode, you can always just pick up the game and play the progressive or classic mode when you’re bored.


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  • If you only need a certain score to beat a level, match up as many high numbers as possible. Each stripe correlates to numbers 1-9. Try to get the highest numbers the biggest matches. So the most stripes you can have horizontally and diagonally is 5. The game calculates score by multiplying the amount of stripes matched with the number. So if you match 5 number 9 stripes your score will be 45.
  • Try to count how many stripes of a certain color you have for the most effective layout in puzzle mode.


Basic Info

  • $1.99 in iTunes store
  • Endless gameplay
  • 100 levels for puzzle mode
  • Size 45.7 MB
  • One player or multiplayer option


Web Links:

Developer: Ravensburg Digital

iTunes store:

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