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 The Amazing Spiderman

Is it Worth Your Time?

Yes. The Amazing Spiderman is a fun addition to the superhero movie genre.


What Should I Watch it On?

With all the action and excellent CG, I suggest watching this ONLY in blu-ray.


What Did You Think Without Spoiling it?

I really enjoyed Peter Parker and found him far more believable than the Tobey Maguire Spiderman. There as a lot more emotional impact inThe Amazing Spiderman as well, especially the death of Peter’s uncle. The bad guy in this movie is also pretty intimidating. You know, like an actual bad guy.


Why it Works?

I used to say that I don’t need to watch another superhero movie that rehashes the origin story of the hero. That being said, The Amazing Spiderman does a good job of explaining Spidey’s powers as well as his relationship with Aunt May. Unlike the movie with Tobey Maguire, you really understand Peter’s guilt over the death of his uncle. It also explains a little more backstory on Peter’s mother and father, something that I don’t think they really explored in the older movies.

Andrew Garfield is also a believable Spiderman and Peter Parker. He’s a little awkward, smart, smart-mouthed and a pretty boy. It makes sense that Gwen Stacy and other girls would be smitten with him. Is he as dorky as Raimi’s Peter Parker? No, but I don’t mind that. You don’t have to be a dork to be uncool in high school.

Aside from this, I really enjoyed the villain in this movie. He was complex enough that you felt kind of bad for him because of his misguided attempts to “cure” humanity. Rhys Ifan is also an excellent actor and he was able to pull off all the necessary emotions to really make his character shine.


No Like?

Seriously, does Spidey have to reveal his identity in every movie? His “secret” identity is probably the worst kept secret ever!


Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below!


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