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Is Time Clickers worth your time?



What should I play Time Clickers on?

I’d stick to large phone screens and tablets for this.


What did we think without spoiling it?


Time Clickers is a boring and pointless waste of time.

Unlike a lot of other time-wasting clicker games out there Time Clickers has nothing addicting going for it. Time Clickers is just there. It’s sort of like a bland person who just showed up to a party with nothing particularly interesting to say for himself.  Sadly, Time Clickers isn’t just dull, it feels phoned in. There’s no decent tutorial, the art design is ugly, the music is meh, and and there’s no real feeling of player progression.  I honestly forgot I owned this game more often than I remembered to play it.  It’s just boring and has zero replay appeal.  Honestly I only played through it a few times just to review it.  By its nature it mostly played itself.   It’s just meh and deleted.

Avoid this.


How it plays & why it fails:

Tap-> repeat-> level your auto gun-> stop tapping->progress a few levels->get bored->close app->forget game->

See icon->try to remember game->remember game->upgrade auto guns-> progress a few levels->close app-forget game->

See icon->try to remember game ->remember game-upgrade auto guns-> progress a few levels-> hit a wall around 110 ->delete game->contemplate time wasted

The best part about this review is being able to delete this.

The best part about this review is being able to delete this.

Time clickers is a poorly designed clicker game that quickly becomes stale and lifeless. The art is lazy, boring and repetitive. The music drones away in the background and is quickly forgettable. The gameplay lacks any feeling of progression or purpose. You never feel any accomplishment for getting a little farther in the game.  The auto firing weapons you quickly unlock are just bars that move across the screen. It’s horribly lazy in comparison to most other clickers out there.  Getting all your weapons so quickly totally destroys any sense of accomplishment.  You just unlock them all and upgrade them until you realize you can’t progress any further. Then you either delete the game (I strongly recommend this) or you reset it. Upon resetting you earn time cubes (only after level 100), which you use to upgrade your skills. Lather, rinse and repeat boring gameplay.

The only good thing I can say about the game is the ads aren’t intrusive. They are your best way to power up on your first two play throughs.  You earn money so slowly and the game is so boring you may as well sit through some ads. You even get some currency for not watching the ads as long as you click the rainbow ball.

How did this get featured by Apple?

It seems to be a big hit on Steam, but at least for me and my iPad it’s a waste of time.

Avoid this…



It deleted just fine.



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Basic Info:

  • Free
  • 68.9  MB
  • Universal app







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