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Say Hello to the Clover Marines!

Warhammer 40K Fireteam Clover Marines

We have an epic throwdown for all of you today!

The returning saviors of the 40K Universe, the amazing do it all do gooders of justice, the ULTRAMARINES vs our new batch of heroes made for the holiday and for fun, the Clover Marines!

In this Fireteam game Jas and I try to playtest and homebrew a new faction of Space Marines with an emphasis on luck and the color green. Lots of mistakes, rerolls and a brutal take down.

Enjoy the video below:



I look forward to refining this squad of armored killers. I was thinking of having them as a one and done faction for the holiday, but honestly, they seem fun and I think they are going to be a part of the permanent rotation of our Fireteam experience.


Stay awesome!










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