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Cycle for the Cause

Meet Michael and learn about an amazing organization called Cycle for the Cause. An organization that’s been helping to fund the fight against AIDS since 1995.

Gisele Lagace Ma3

Interesting Interview – Gisele Lagace of Pixie Trix

I’ve read a lot of webcomics in my day, but there are only a handful that I continue to enjoy years later. One of the first ones that really stuck with me was Penny and Aggie by Gisele Lagace and T. Campbell. As a huge fan, I can’t tell you how excited I was that Gisele Lagace, the creator of these comics, agreed to an interview.

Mooff Games Interview

This week’s Interesting interview comes from two members of Mooff Games. They are the witty geniuses behind Maximus. Hands down my fave beat’em up on the iOS. I have been playing and replaying this so much, it’s kind of insane. Out of a sort of hero worshiping hope I sent them an interview request and they very graciously they accepted.

Level Bit Interview

A little while ago I was lucky enough to stumble across Jane Wilde in the app store. After playing for just a few minutes I was addicted. Check out my review to read about how much I loved playing the game. Level Bit raised the bar on what a fun game should be. The fact that that the game is Freemium is just amazing. After some emails back and forth with Milos the Managing Director, and then spending some time beating the newly added hard mode I found myself even more impressed. I have to say I really respect this team.

Helen Brown

Helen Brown Interview

Interesting Interviews Today’s interesting interview comes from author Helen Brown, author of Cleo The Cat Who Mended a Family and her most recent book Cats and Daughters. After laughing and crying with Helen throughout her memoir Cleo I was intrigued...