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Is Devious Dungeon Worth Your Time?

YES!  (Read our interview with the developer!!!)


What Should I Play Devious Dungeon On?

Devious Dungeon is a universal app for iOS 5.0 or later. You get the same great experience on all devices.  As always I prefer playing on the iPad.


What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?

Woblyware and Ravenous Games have done it again. Devious Dungeon is an amazing, simple hack and slash platformer that makes me very happy. There are randomized dungeons, gear upgrades and plenty of levels keep you busy. I have no problems at all recommending Devious Dungeon. For 99 cents you are getting a difficult platformer that takes a little grinding to get through, but the perfect controls, tough bosses and plenty of replay make the game worth the grind.

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How it Plays and Why it Works:

Devious Dungeon gameplayKill, get coins, buy gear, avoid spikes, kill more, get better gear.  Then beat up bosses.

Every few levels you are able to get a break from the action. Here you find a person who will sell you upgrades and a healer to bring you back to full health for a small fee.  If you die along the way you get a pop up that details your adventures and gives you bonus gold depending on how well you did.

Devious Dungeon seems simple, but oh my goodness is it addictive and fun.  Devious Dungeon has simple but perfectly responsive controls that will help you fight tons of baddies and deal with huge boss fights.  I love the randomized dungeons and the interesting baddies you face off against.  The difficulty ramps up at a good pace.  There are a few baddies and bosses that seem to be a gear check since avoiding them at times seems impossible.  While this can be frustrating, it doesn’t happen often enough to drive you into deleting it. Nor does it feel like an in app purchase push.  It’s just kinda hard at times and that’s ok.

Devious Dungeon Boss fight

This is not an easy boss fight.

Ravenous Games and Woblyware have thankfully fixed their problem of superfluous character bloat that has plagued their last few games.  In Devious Dungeon you have one hero who is ready for the fight. You get stronger by leveling up and getting new gear.  Leveling  is done by killing enemies and finding experience books hidden in the levels.  You also get stronger by buying new weapons and armor. They all look different, but control the same.  Thankfully emphasis was put on maintaining a natural feeling of progression instead of having to adjust to different weapons.

Devious Dungeon Gameplay 2The more I play Devious Dungeon the more it makes very clear what was wrong with so many games Ravenous Games and Woblyware made before this.  Day one Devious Dungeon is so far glitch free and not full of weapons and characters you will never use.  In app purchases are here but you don’t ever need them.  Sure weapons and armor ramp up in price, but so does your ability to get coins.  If you want some coins faster you can always replay the previous levels to grind some out quickly enough.  Heck Devious Dungeon gives you tons of free money by completing missions that take NO EFFORT from you whatsoever.  This just happens in the background.  Just keep killing and collecting stuff and you will be handed thousands in free coins.

Levels are short enough that grinding for gold and experience never feels like a grind.  Instead, it’s more like just going back and beating old enemies for fun. Thankfully they are long enough that you feel like you are getting your money’s worth.

Devious Dungeon is a perfect old school inspired platformer that works flawlessly on the iOS platform.  You don’t need to buy a controller, you don’t need to get used to the controls.  It just works.  Everything about Devious Dungeon oozes quality and a love of the genre.

If you want a great platformer RPG inspired hack and slash experience Devious Dungeon is it.  At 99 cents it’s an absolute steal.


 No Like?

I feel like the coin doubler is overpriced.


Agree? Disagree? Write your comments below

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Basic Info:

  • .99 cents on iOS
  • 42.5  MB
  • Universal app
  • Map system
  • iCloud Game Save Support
  • Lots of replay




Developer: Woblyware

Devious Dungeon on iTunes

Publisher: Ravenous Games



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