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Random Runners Review

Random Runners from Ravenous Games and Woblyware is a mix between and endless runner, a platformer and a shooter. Is it worth your time? Meh not really..

Burrito Bison Review

Burrito Bison from Juicy Beast and Ravenous Games is a very simple game, that mixes simplicity with chance, great music and a guy with a speedo. It’s art design is like a Saturday morning cartoon, and it’s music is really epic. The point of Burrito Bison is to Sling yourself into the air to propel yourself out of the gummy world. The only way to do that is to keep up your momentum, by crushing every gummy in your path.

Beatdown! Feature

Beatdown! Review

Want revenge for being fired? Ever just want to walk into your office and beat everyone up? Do it without the risk of jail in Beatdown! (Just dont do it in real life..)